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Custom Sub-Contracted Visual Social Media

Visual social media content is what’s working today! Facebook loves native video & engagement, LinkedIn loves information images, Twitter loves mini-vids, and Instagram loves images & hashtags!

HOW do you get these completed everyday for your clients/customers?

Marketing is time consuming enough but how do you find the time to create custom, well researched, enticing, beautiful, prime time videos, images, and copy EVERY.SINGLE.DAY?

Subcontracting this single element of your client/customer’s marketing can enhance your business as well as their’s.

What if you could

Spend more time marketing your business and getting more clients? Offer your clients a consistent presence on four (4) social media platforms?

Have custom copy AND images/video/min-vids? Subcontract the engagement with followers?

Here's what you'll get

A sub-contracted team member that understands and performs exquisite daily social media for your clients/customers.

  • 20 memes/graphics/videos (1 per day, Monday-Friday) per month consisting of:
    Questions/conversation/engagement starters
    Local events/news
  • Custom post copywriting
  • Posted on networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter*, and Instagram*
  • Engagement daily responded/acknowledged (Monday-Friday)
  • Prime posting times checked weekly based on your global location/time zone
  • Utilizing hashtags and emojis
  • Holiday memes/graphics
  • Extended Scheduling: all original memes/graphics/videos/copy are re-purposed 2 MORE times (1 post to be exposed 3 times over 90 days... THAT'S 60 IMPRESSIONS on 4 networks!
    You're actually getting 2 posts per day as we'll be re-purposing or re-using an 'oldie but goodie' post during the second best time to post for the day.

    *Twitter is sometimes bypassed due to character length
    *Instagram is sometimes bypassed due to type of post
Amanda Brazel

“Kim creates amazing graphics. Especially when geared towards educational information. She is reliable and great to work with. She takes direction well and I highly recommend her.” 

Amanda Brazel |

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$25 Monthly Facebook Ad


The Burnout Queens

Kim has been overseeing our social media marketing and images for so many years now that The Burnout Queens cannot say enough about the quality of her work.  She is always right at the top of the curve on the newest image presentations, she translates all our words of inspiration into beautifully creative images and videos that we are so pleased with.  Without Kim’s knowledge and guidance our social media presentation would be woefully lacking in a professional style.  She listens, translates, creates and produces a high calibre of work that keeps The Burnout Queens reaching a larger and larger interested audience.   Thank you Kim, we love you for this.” 

Dr Toby Silverton & Dr Bev McLagan (aka The Burnout Queens) |

Hi! I am kim mcdaniels

Sub-contractor. Former virtual assistant, online business manager, and freelancer with thirty+ years of experience in administrative support, sales, marketing, and event planning in a variety of industries…construction, banking, real estate, mortgage, retail, and law. I was one of the first graduates of AssistU at the beginning of the virtual “home based business” trend.  I started this business to have more flexibility and freedom, little realizing the impact I would have on others…virtually.

Celebrating 20 years in virtual business marketing for travel and bridal professionals,  coaches of all kinds, psychotherapists, chiropractors, bed & breakfasts, neurofeedback professionals, and social media managers who have received amazing results.

Loving history, antiques and restoring old houses are passions but the delight in technology makes these things possible. Very soon I can see myself in a beach community while old man winter rages back in Missouri.

This is for you if...

  • You want to see RESULTS from visual social media.
  • You want to ADD more marketing options on a consistent basis.
  • You want to STRETCH your client dollar with 1 post over 90 days
  • You want to be a SUPERSTAR for your customers/clients
  • You are a social media manager, virtual assistant, or online business manager.

This is not for you if...

  • If you like to micro-manage
  • Want COMPLETE control of what, where & when
  • If you or your customers/clients DON'T have a sense of humor
  • If you don't believe in MY training, expertise, knowledge, experience, and guidance with visual social media marketing.
  • You or your clients' can't COMMIT to a minimum of 3 months.
  • You or your clients' need to PRE-APPROVE everything.

sub-contract your visual social media now
and lock in this UNBELIEVABLE price!

$150 per month

Liz Christoffersen | Empower Consulting Gorup

Working with Kim has been a great experience.  Her ability to learn the essence and style of my brand gave her the ability to create stunning and beautiful designs that reflect what we are all about.  She is rare as a designer because she listens, creates and then is grounded enough to allow you the brand creator to make adjustments.  The finished efforts are always spot on.  She’s been an invaluable part of our team and marketing initiatives.” 

Liz Christoffersen |

Frequently Asked Questions

Your site is very feminine. Can you do masculine, gender neutral, as well as feminine?
Of course! I presently work with chiropractors whose clientele are both male & female, and a wellness center providing neurofeedback to male & female adults as well as children.

What if there’s a mistake or my client doesn’t like the post/meme/graphic?
If I catch it then I immediately make a correction, things like grammar, spelling, links, etc. If the client doesn’t care for the post then I will remove from repurposing cycle and replace. Client likes and dislikes, preferences, are a part of the intake process.

Do you have a portfolio?
You betcha! Here’s the link to some that I have created using Canva. All the images on this page as well as my main website are images created by me.

Where do you get your images?
Lots of places! All are copyright free or CC0 licensed, free for personal and commercial use. No attribution required.

Who do you use for scheduling?
My favorite is but another FREE favorite is In the past I’ve also used Hootsuite. Tidbit: I schedule directly in Facebook page and use schedulers for LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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Brenda Van Fleet | DirectedWellnessCenter

“Posting on social media for me can be kind of dicey at times and very time consuming.  I am so thankful to Kim for the posts that she creates for my business.  She finds engaging videos or creates her own.   She locates fascinating research based articles, then with great skill pairs the information down to a few stimulating statements.  Having her on my team and assisting me in getting my business in front of people daily has been invaluable to my success.  I can always depend on her to post on my pages twice a day seldom repeating old posts.  She always provides me the opportunity to preview and approve every post and if wording does need to be altered, she is faithful to carry out my request without even a comment.  I really appreciate that she respects my desires and my core beliefs that often show through, so tho I may not have created the posts, they represent an idea I can support.  I appreciate Kim’s knowledge and expertise in keeping up with the latest trends and ways people are more efficiently reached to maximize time, effort and money.  Hiring Kim to handle my social media, has been a great step forward for me in my business.  I look forward to many more years of working together.  Thank you, Kim for all your hard work and for often going above and beyond.”

Brenda Van Fleet RN, BSN, BCN

sub-contract your visual social media now
and lock in this UNBELIEVABLE price!

$150 per month

Kim Morgan | Woodstock Inn B&B

Kim is exceptional! From our dessert clubs, cultural themes, and special events, Kim took what was uniquely our business, and brought it to the public. Before Kim we were hit and miss on social media, and as we became busier, we just needed a creative voice. From the first day, people became engaged with the interesting and thoughtful posts that highlighted our business. She really knows her stuff! We highly recommend Kim McDaniels!!” 

Kim Morgan, owner & author | Woodstock Inn B&B

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